Complete your Treat Rules!

How To Play:

  1. Come out and enjoy Sweet Treats in your neighborhood.

  2. Talk with the agent that is present!

  3. Receive the handout for that month.

  4. Scan the QR Code and read over the Real estate article.

  5. As you read through it keep an eye out for a keyword.

  6. Keep track of that keyword in the box on the back of the handout.

  7. Each month there is a different keyword, so come out each month to get all 9 keywords.

  8. Keep each postcard each month with your keyword

  9. At the end of the year take all 9 monthly keywords and unscramble them to find our key phrase!

  10. Once you find out our key-phrase email [email protected] to set up a time to come in and claim your prize! Don’t forget to bring your postcards.

  11. If you miss one of your neighborhood locations you can still come to the other 6 locations in that month!

  12. Only one winner per household!