Tips for a Smooth Military Relocation

Tips for a Smooth Military Relocation

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For a civilian, moving can be a tremendous challenge. That challenge is taken up to another level, however, when the move involved military personnel. With Fort Detrick here in Frederick, MD, this situation is highly familiar to local residents. For one thing, a military relocation is not usually a simple move across town. More likely, it is a move across the country – or halfway around the world. This can be a stressful time to be sure, as it seems that everything about the individual’s or family’s life is changing all at the same time.

To help you get through the military relocation process as easily as possible, we have provided some simple tips below.

Get Started Right Away

The planning process should begin as soon as you receive your orders. Once you know when the move is going to need to take place, begin to take action. You can start by contacting your Transportation Office, and you can speak with family members about what to expect moving forward. In terms of your possessions, think about what items will need to make the journey and which you may be able to leave behind. If something no longer has a place in your life, it will be easier to sell it or give it away than to take it with you to the new location.

Be Flexible

It should be no surprise that summer is the busiest time for military relocation. If you are going to be moving during the summer, expect to encounter delays and plan on adjusting your pickup and delivery dates accordingly. Plan on being flexible and the process will seem far less stressful than if you plan on everything happening exactly as planned initially.

Be Ready at Pickup and Delivery Dates

Once your pickup and delivery dates have been confirmed, it is critical that you or a designated representative are available at that time. Note these dates and times in a prominent place and make sure that you are ready well in advance just to be safe.

Ask for Assistance

It can be difficult to pack up all of your things while still keeping up with your day-to-day duties. Consider asking for help from friends to make sure you have everything packed away in plenty of time for your move. Fellow military members will understand the challenge that comes with relocation, and most will be happy to lend a hand when they have time.

Clearly Mark Everything

When in doubt, add a label to make sure everything goes to the right place. Even if you think it should be obvious that certain items are together, don’t take any chances. No one else knows your stuff like you do, so it is important to keep that stuff labeled in a way that ensures its proper delivery to your intended destination.

Although the military relocation process can be stressful, it doesn’t have to overwhelm your life. When you plan ahead and get yourself organized as quickly as possible, you can make it through this move without too much strain along the way. Good luck!