Ryan & Megan McCulley

Ryan & Megan McCulley

Dan was amazing in helping us buy our new house! He had extensive local knowledge, even knowing the back stories of some of the houses we saw (e.g. why the previous owner was selling, why it was on the market so long, etc.)

This was not our first home purchase, so Dan tailored his guidance based on our level of knowledge. He started off telling us everything a first time home buyer would need to know, but quickly adjusted and gave us exactly the right amount of information.

He was quick to respond to text, email, and phone calls. We often texted back and forth for quick questions/updates, but he was always available to talk on the phone for more substantive conversations.

His negotiation skills were great. He had our best interests at heart during the process, and it was clear he was not concerned about his commission or getting a quick sale. We ended up getting a great deal thanks to him. Before making the offer, he pulled some comps in order to show us (and the sellers) how he came up with his suggested offer price, which was below the asking price. In the end, the appraiser used the same comps, and it turns out Dan was spot on as far as the value of the house.

We had a great experience with Dan, and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a buyer’s or seller’s agent to anyone!

Ryan & Megan McCulley
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