Meet The Dan Hozhabri Group Team Members!

Dan Hozhabri

Team Leader & Lead Listing Specialist 

Dan is our Team Leader and Lead Listing Specialist at DHG. He strives to deliver the best service possible and leads his team to do the same! With his 18+ years of experience, he will be essential to getting top dollar for your home!

Matt Rota

Lead Buyer Specialist 

Matt is our Lead Buyer Specialist and an extremely hard worker who strives to always be there for his clients. If you are looking to purchase a new home, you want Matt by your side! We are so grateful to have him as a part of our group!

Billy Koontz

Buyer Specialist

Billy is one of our Buyer Specialists who delivers a high-quality service as he guides his clients to find the perfect home! His amazing communication skills allows for his clients to always be in the loop and get an amazing deal on their new home!

Alexis McPeak

Showing Specialist

Alexis is our Showing Specialist and she assists our Buyer Team when it comes to showing future homes to our clients! Through her flexible schedule and attention to detail, she will always be available to help!

Mallory Odorzynski

Operations Manager

Mallory is our Operations Manager at DHG. She works in all different areas of the team to make sure our group can run smoothly! With her birds eye view of the team, we all can perform at our best ability!

Samantha Potter

Transaction Specialist

Samantha is our Transactions Specialist who works hard behind the scenes to help our agents with transactions and anything else they may need! She is essential to the Home Buying/Selling Process!



Client Care Specialist

Jenna is our Client Care Specialist who works tirelessly to make sure our team and our clients always stay connected throughout the process! Her goal is to always deliver a 5-star service to all clients before, during and after all transactions!

Garrett Johnson

Marketing Specialist

Garrett is our Marketing Specialist who strives to market all of our listings to ensure all the potential buyers see it. Through social media, print media and ad campaigns, you’ll be glad to have Garrett marketing your home!