How to Sell Your Home Around the Holiday Season

How to Sell Your Home Around the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is not exactly the busiest part of the year in the real estate world. Of course, that probably isn’t much of a surprise – after all, people usually want to be settled in around the holidays, with their home decorated and room available for family and friends. But what if you need to move during the holidays? Is it even possible to sell your Maryland home during this time of year?

Fortunately, the answer is yes – you certainly can sell your home during the holiday season. There might not be quite as many active buyers in the market, but there are always people looking for a new place to call home. With a good plan and a little patience, you can find the right buyer for your property.

Have a look at the the tips below to get started on this important but stressful process.

Your Online Listing is Critical

When the winter weather settles in, there will likely be fewer people out and about looking for homes. With that said, there will be plenty of people browsing real estate sites online – meaning you should make your online Maryland home listing as strong as possible. Make sure there are plenty of high-quality images included with your listing, and have a strong written description to accompany those photos. The best way to get people to come out to see your home in person is to impress them with a beautiful listing online.

Talk with Potential Agents

Real estate agents are people too, and they have holiday plans just like the rest of us. While you shouldn’t expect your agent to work on the holidays, you should check to make sure he or she is going to be available (and in town) during the season. If an agent is planning to take a long vacation during December to visit family, for instance, it would be best to pick another agent who will be more available.

Feel Free to Decorate, Within Reason

When someone does visit your home for a showing during the holidays, you will have an opportunity to impress them with the ambiance of your place. Adding holiday decorations is certainly appropriate, but don’t take this too far. If you have too many decorations placed throughout your home, it may feel more cramped than it is during the rest of the year. Remember, buyers want to feel like they are getting plenty of space, so strike a balance between decorating nicely and overdoing it.

Care for the Exterior

This might be the hardest part of selling your home in the winter months. During spring and summer, you may have some nice flowers on your property, and you are probably keeping up on the yardwork. That is not the case during the winter. If your yard looks a little rough, the curb appeal of the property as a whole is going to take a hit. Do what you can to spruce up the exterior of the property to make it look like a nice place to live.