Five Reasons to Put Your Maryland House on the Market This Summer

Five Reasons to Put Your Maryland House on the Market This Summer

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Do you own a home in Maryland that you have been thinking about selling? If so, this summer just may be the right time to do it. While you’ll obviously need to think about all of the personal ramifications of selling your home in the coming months, there are plenty of things to like about this idea. Let’s look at five reasons why this move just may work out in your best interest.

#1 – No School

It would be easy to overlook this point, so we wanted to start with it at the top of our list. In the summer, kids are out of school – which means parents may be thinking about moving and getting settled in before the next school year begins. This is a particularly powerful effect right at the start of summer, when families feel like they have plenty of time to get moved and comfortable in their new place before fall. Also, if you have kids of your own, moving during the summer could benefit you for the same reasons that it benefits the buyers of your current home.

#2 – Not Quite the High Time

Often, real estate agents will suggest that their clients list their homes in the spring, as people are getting ready to move after staying inside most of the winter. That can be an effective strategy, but there is something to be said for hitting the market after some of the competition has sold.

#3 – Plenty of Buyers

Summer may not quite see as many homes on the market as the spring, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of buyers. Lately, there have been plenty of buyers looking for homes for sale in Maryland, making it relatively easy for home sellers to attract a solid offer. You can list your home with confidence knowing that it is likely to attract plenty of interest.

#4 – Moving Up?

If you are ready to upsize your home – maybe your kids are getting older or you can simply afford more home than you could a decade or two ago – now is a great time to do so. It seems likely that home prices, along with mortgage rates, will continue to trend up. By making the move to a larger home now, you can lock in your price and rate without having to worry about future increases.

#5 – It Shouldn’t Take Long

Some people wait to sell because they are intimidated by the potentially long and frustrating process, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, the real estate market in 2017 was quite fast-paced, and that certainly could be the case again in 2018. If you place your house on the market through the use of an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent, you can reasonably expect the process to move along at a brisk pace.

The prospect of moving is always a bit intimidating, but now is a great time to have a properly on the market in Maryland. Good luck!