Easter Bunny Parade


We are beyond excited for our annual Easter Bunny Parade on April 16th from 10-1 pm. We would love to see you and your family as the Easter Bunny makes its way around your neighborhood! Please look below for our route starting at 10 am.

Easter Bunny Parade Route!

➡️ Village Oak Drive and the Oak View Drive loop

➡️ Park Ridge to Deer Hollow to Left on Leafy Hollow Cir

➡️ Rising Ridge to Village Gate Dr to Prospect Rd

➡️ West Rd to Horizon Rd to Westridge Dr to Westridge Cir

➡️ Horizon Rd to Crown St to Prospect Rd

➡️ East Rd to Contour Rd to Northview Rd to East Rd

➡️ Prospect to Main St to Candice Dr to Sterling Glen Way

➡️ Fieldbrook Ln to Four Vines Ct to Old Vintage Run to Buffalo

➡️ Summer Sweet to Right on Scotch Heather to Left on Briddlewreath to Right on Scotch Heather

➡️ Cottonwood to Watersville

➡️ Arrowood to Crossbow to Right on Longbow to Kingsbridge

➡️ Locksley to Kingsforest Trl to Locksley

➡️ Back Acre to Tender to Reading (loop) to Tressle

➡️ Chessie (loop) to Roundhouse Rd