Contingency To Sell!

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Our Three Strategies

1. Short-Term Housing Options

This option is where you sell your home in this amazing market, securing your top dollar and then finding an area to live as you home search. This can be a place you are renting short term, or finding friends or family to live with until your dream home comes your way!

2. Negotiate a Rent Back

This is where you negotiate a rent back which is when your house officially has sold the new owner agrees to let you rent back the house for a period of time while you do your house searching. This is great because you can still in the house as you were and able to continue the dream house search!

3. Home Of Choice Contingency To Sell

This option is where in the contract with the new buyer of your house you state, that you will only sell your house as long as you find a new home to move into. Meaning if you do not find a home to move into you are not obligated to sell your current home.

Overall, not having the next home lined up should not make you wait on this incredible market. Sell your home while your home is worth the most and then we will help you land in your  dream home!

Lets Set Up a Strategy Session!